eSurfing is our passion!

We live the vision of revolutionizing water sports and helping to develop it into a sustainable, environmentally friendly sport. Become a part of the new electric surfing revolution! We love the water, the surf feeling and the feeling of being one with nature! eFoil Riders brings you that very special surfing feeling to all the spots in the world - to the rivers, lakes and the sea, without being dependent on waves or wind. eFoil Riders always offers new solutions for our customers such as worldwide battery rental, one-off eSurf adventures and tours, repairs within 48 hours throughout Europe and much more.


Authorized Premium Reseller

We focus 100% on the brand new eSurfing segment and are Europe's largest authorized premium reseller of Fliteboard, Awake, Radinn & Lampuga! We have technical know-how as well as a complete selection of premium brands and all accessories.

World's first Platinum Reseller of Fliteboard! eFoil Riders is a Flite recognized Platinum Partner, the highest level of authorized partners.

You have the opportunity to test all the different configurations on the water with us. As a service partner, we remain your reliable contact for all technical questions even after your purchase.

20 locations throughout Europe

Our main locations are Würzburg and Mallorca. eFoil Riders is networked with over 20 locations across Europe through our local partners! We want to enable you to test the indescribable feeling of flying over the water with the Fliteboard, Radinn, Awake and Lampuga anywhere:

Würzburg, Munich, Lake Starnberg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Mannheim, Freiburg, Regensburg, Mallorca (Spain), Menorca (Spain), Bremerhaven, Fuerteventura (Spain), Lake Garda (Italy), Lake Como (Italy), Salzburg/Mondsee ( Austria), Medulin (Croatia), Sibenik (Croatia), Algave (Portugal), Kristiansand (Norway), Lofoten (Norway), Copenhagen (Denmark), Cape Town (South Africa).


Official X Shore Reseller

Electric boats for the future of boating: the next electric revolution has just begun! In addition to the sustainable electrification of water sports, we would like to help transform the yacht and boat industry into a new environmentally friendly era with our new brand "Electric Boat Club". We are official reseller for the Swedish electric boat manufacturer X Shore. Arrange a test drive in Germany or on Mallorca now.

More information will follow soon.

5 Unique Benefits

Why you should buy your eSurfboard from us


Personal advice with passion

eSurfing is our passion! We help you to find your board, which suits you 100% personally and you can see and test your dream configuration with us in advance without obligation. As the largest reseller for eFoils in Europe, we have all configurations in stock.

If you change your mind after purchasing, we will take your board back within 14 days and exchange it for another product of your choice!

Partner for our customers all over Europe

Whether in your holiday home in Croatia, on a sailing boat in Sardinia, with a camper in France or on a family holiday in Mallorca. We specialize in our customers who love to discover the world and are there for you, no matter where you are in Europe.

✓ Test drive near you

Arrange a test drive at a location near you. Or we come to you! We also offer test drives in many popular holiday regions in Europe!

✓ Unique service

We are there for you 24/7! In the event of technical problems, we will pick up your board from you and bring it back to you within 48 hours. We will help you, no matter where you are in Europe!

✓ Battery rental worldwide

Are you going on vacation? No problem! We have our own batteries for our customers in all popular holiday regions. Just take your board with you and borrow a battery from us on vacation. If you are vacationing in an extraordinary place, we will be happy to take care of shipping your battery to your dream destination!


eFoil Riders Adventures

You have access to our unique, exclusive eFoil Riders Adventures. We pick up your board at your front door and bring it back to you after the tour. You don't have to worry about anything. You get on the plane and your adventure is organized for you. In 2023 we will undertake two breathtaking tours with the eFoils through the most beautiful fjords in Norway and with the boat island hopping and eFoiling in the most beautiful bays in Croatia. Seats are limited and available exclusively to our customers. New adventures are added every year.

Further support

We are happy to support you with the subject of registration and insurance. After you have bought your board from us, you can stock up on your equipment such as helmet, protective vest, wetsuit, trolley, etc. from us. You want to test new configurations? No problem, whether it's a smaller board, new wings, propellers, impellers and much more. We lend you our equipment for testing free of charge.

eFoil Riders


  • Joseph Eckl
    "Great service and great advice! After some eFoil manufacturers made a little confidence-inspiring impression for me, I never had the feeling that I was investing my money wrongly with Sven. The boards are great and the service around it makes it perfect. Six stars if they existed!!!"
    Joseph Eckl
  • Julian Fl.
    "We bought our Fliteboard from Sven and are very satisfied. If we had problems or needed tips, we could always reach him easily via WhatsApp. We are already looking forward to the coming season. Driving is simply addictive, even with autumnal temperatures we are still drawn to the Main. Thank you for this extraordinary board, which gives us a feeling of vacation despite the lockdown.”
    Julian Fl.
  • Frederick
    “Clear five stars from me! Very nice and good service around the board. Thanks and keep it up!"
  • Marcel S.
    "After the first lockdown, the two of us made an appointment to drive at short notice and in a completely uncomplicated manner. It was our first time on such a board but with Sven as a coach we were able to stand on the board in no time and enjoy nature all around us, without the smell of petrol and annoying engine noise - just a fabulous excursion that made us addicted. We are looking forward to the coming season and are 1 percent happy to come back.”
    Marcel S.
  • Hannes B
    “Great course and guidance from the employees. I quickly got the hang of the Fliteboards and it is an incredible feeling to glide over the water!”
    Hannes B
  • Peter Kuhn
    "In addition to the technical solutions from Flite, Sven's service, advice and helpfulness convinced me. Even on a Sunday he was there for my needs. I am absolutely thrilled”
    Peter Kuhn
  • Daniel
    "Thank you Sven for your great service ?? Just got my Pro and did everything work out perfectly?”
  • Pierre Gaspar
    "Great service and communication. I was certainly not an easy customer when making a decision. When unpacking it was clear at the latest that Fliteboard was the right decision. Payment processing and delivery reliability absolutely reliable. Thank you Sven"
    Pierre Gaspar
  • Sirtaki Lagoon
    "Uncomplicated delivery to Malta, everything went perfectly. The quality of the board is also convincing. It's fun and it's also a real sport. After gliding over the water for 1 hour, you can feel it in your legs. The advice was also great, I immediately took a professional board, as a kitesurfer it was easy to learn on the small board. Thank you Sven!”
    Sirtaki Lagoon
  • Peter Peterman
    "For a vacation I had asked at very short notice (only 36 hours in advance) whether it would be possible to rent a board. And yes, not only was it possible, but a delivery over 300km was organized at very short notice, so that I could happily go on vacation with it. Although I was not yet known as a customer at eFoil-Riders, I didn't get an old carrot, but a brand new board as a loaner (see photo)! During the holiday, the owner was proactive in checking that everything was working and even helping me with my queries at the weekend. All in all a good experience that certainly fits the premium claim of the Fliteboards.”
    Peter Peterman
  • Jonas Weber-Guskar
    "Even a larger, self-inflicted defect will be remedied thanks to very good service 24/7 (!) and flexible solutions! Thank you Sven! Best regards, Joachim”
    Jonas Weber-Guskar
  • Darko Nikic
    "Great seller, fast shipping, 10/10"
    Darko Nikic
  • Zacherl Charter
    "Very competent contact person! We saw the Fliteboard while on vacation and immediately asked some shops about it. eFoil Riders was by far the friendliest company and fully explained the board to us. The additional equipment was also all discussed and there were clear recommendations as to what you must have in order to be happy with it. The board was even delivered to us personally and explained in detail, so that we now know exactly how everything works. All in all, a really great service from which many could learn a lesson! This is how online trading works! Therefore clear recommendation! Dear eFoil team, keep up the good work! Good luck & all the best!”
    Zacherl Charter
  • Oliver Kremer
    “eFoil Riders (Sven) is super nice, competent, helpful and absolutely reliable! 5 stars from me... keep it up :)!”
    Oliver Kremer